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On a whim today, a coworker and I decided it was Thursday, it’s freakin’ hot as Hades outside, and we needed a burger. I told him about my blog, showed him the list of suggestions I’ve been getting and we decided a trip to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken was in order. OH EM GEE! I don’t know where this competition is going, but I’m telling you today that Uncle Lou’s just threw down the gauntlet. It’s going to take something very special to step up to that.

Tucked away on Millbranch Rd., just south of the Winchester intersection, is a tiny strip-mall. You’d probably miss it if you weren’t looking. In that mall is some magic. Better known for their fried chicken, Uncle Lou’s was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. They’re well known for their Sweet & Spicy Love dip they put on several menu items as well as their Corruption seasoning used frequently too. The entire menu is combination of old family recipes passed down from Uncle Lou’s Great Great Grandmother and his own stellar creations. I can’t wait to go back and try the fried chicken. My guess is they’d probably take Gus’ to school. One of their commercial jingles says, “If the Colonel had Uncle Lou’s recipe, he’d be a General.” No doubt, I’m sure they’re right. Uncle Lou, or Louis Martin, III took some time to come over and talk to us and tell us about the burger meat and the process he goes through to make it so good. He was excited to learn about my blog and told his daughter to get the link. I hope the write up does his food justice. His staff was extremely friendly and offered us great service with a smile.

Uncle Lou

The Burger
I ordered Uncle Lou’s smallest burger, the 1/3 lb. Jumbo Cheeseburger. You’ve heard me say before I don’t normally order cheese on my burgers as I like to taste the meat, but after talking to Uncle Lou, I found that the cheese is an important part of how the burger is cooked. It’s a griddle fried Angus patty seasoned with Uncle Lou’s own Corruption seasoning. Right before it comes off the griddle, they add the cheese and cover it so it’s good and melted before it ever leaves the hot surface. It’s loaded with flavor a la the Corruption seasoning and the quality of the meat. The burger was juicy from the first bite to the last. This is what a burger is all about. As you can see, I got everything on it. The toppings were fresh and added the perfect accent to the burger. Surrounding all that amazingness was a fresh, buttered and griddle toasted Kaiser bun that tasted great and held the burger together like a champ.

The fries were good – served just how I like them. They weren’t the best fries in Memphis, but I’m not looking for those, at the moment anyway. What I should have done, and didn’t think about it until I was too full to eat another bite, was hit them with some of the Corruption seasoning placed on every table. What’s better than potato straw fries? Seasoned potato straw fries. Next time I’ll know.

Check this out! My coworker went big. He’s a big guy, but I didn’t realize he could do this kind of damage. He ordered the 1 1/2 lb. Ultimate Monster Cheese Burger. That’s right, That’s 5 layers of cheese surrounding 4 good size patties of the same angus beef with the Corruption seasoning. He demolished it in 14 minutes.

Uncle Lou

As a gimmick for the burger, Uncle Lou created the Monster Burger Challenge, which challenges customers to eat two of the burgers in eight minutes. Those who succeed get their picture put on the Wall of Fame. Those who fail get their picture on the Wall of Shame. I’m pretty happy he didn’t order two! Especially since he was driving.

I give Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken 4.5 stars out of 5. I said it earlier, the challenge is on! This is as close to perfection as I’ve had so far.

Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken
3633 Millbranch Road
Memphis, TN 38116-4817
(901) 332-2367

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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  4 Responses to “Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken”

  1. I have to say that Seth’s take on Uncle Lou’s is spot on.I was the guy that ate the Monster burger today and as big as it was it was good to the last bite. If Seth could have only gave me wheelchair service to the car. I look forward to eating more burgers with Seth on his quest to find the Burger’s Burger…pip pip ole chap

  2. I know people who swear by Uncle Lou’s chicken, but I’ve had both and I don’t think it’s a contest. I’ll take Gus’s every time.

  3. Having never had Uncle Lou’s chicken I’m going to defer to you on this. I too would imagine that Gus’ would be hard to beat, but based on Guy Fieri’s review on DDD, they have to be on to something. Maybe have to take a side trip soon and give it a try, with the Sweet & Spice Love Dip. Damn, now I’m craving chicken and it’s not even 9 am.

    Thanks Big Plow! Hope you’re feeling well today. That Ultimate Monster would have done me in for a week. Can’t wait to move down the list with you.


  4. Can’t wait to try the burger!!! NOT a fan of the chicken, not at all. I have found if you love Gus’s you prob wont like Uncle Lou’s and vice versus. Totally different flavoring and Gus’s stole my heart when I moved here…

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