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Funny how things happen. I’ve lived in Memphis since 1994 and up until a few months ago, I believed if you wanted a good burger, you went to Huey’s. It wasn’t until this past March 30th when all that changed. I found myself once again sleeping on the sidewalk outside the administration building of Memphis City Schools. I was again in line to get one of my children into a better public school than what my neighborhood is zoned for, but that’s an entirely different post for an entirely different blog. For now, I’m going to try to stay on topic – Memphis burgers.

It was on that afternoon, sitting on that cold sidewalk, that my buddy’s wife Tracy pulled up in front of where we were camping, rolled down her passenger-sidewindow and handed my friend Jesse, two Styrofoam carry-out boxes from a place I’d never heard of, Three Angels Diner. Jesse swore it was an awesome burger and I was in for a real treat. I was game! It was cold out there. Like I said, it was late March. Temps were maybe in the 50’s and it was threatening rain all day and into the night. I remember being excited just to have some hot food. That is, until I opened the box and was overcome by the aroma of that burger topped with onion straws and accompanied by homemade potato chips. It was heaven on a bun! Needless to say, Jesse and I were not making a lot of friends at that point. The other parents/campers were eating things like homemade sandwiches, Lenny’s, Subway, McDonald’s, etc. And there was the two of us, eating awesomeness right in front of them while the smells of two great burgers trespassed up their noses. Sorry guys! Below is a picture of the Three Angels Diner burger. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap one while it was in the box. I was either too cold or more likely, too excited to just start eating it. Jesse was right. It really was a treat, and a damn good one! Previous to that day, only at a few backyard cookouts I’d been to had ever tasted anything that good and flavorful.

Courtesy of The Commercial Appeal

From that afternoon on, Huey’s no longer set the benchmark as Memphis’ best Burger. I’ve gone back a few times, mostly so my kids can shoot toothpicks through straws in to the ceiling tiles or eat the mini-corndogs off their kids menu.

So here it is… I’ve begun my Grail Quest for Memphis’ best burger. With help from my Twitter and G+ plus friends, I’ve been accumulating a nice list of burger joints to try in the coming weeks. Over the next few days, I’ll try to catch you up on where I’ve been and what I’ve tried so far. From there we can journey the road to Memphis’ best burger together as I try to provide you objective reviews of as many Memphis burgers as I can find. Please send me suggestions to where you think I should go get the BEST MEMPHIS BURGER.

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  1. Let us know when you venture out on your quests and if you need any assistance!

  2. Next time – get me a burger too.

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